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Who are SFI?

SFI is a network marketing group who have been supplying the public with a range of products and services since 1998.

SFI have also given millions of people the opportunity to take advantage of its home business program, which has exploded in growth due to its accessibility and income potential.

SFI has long been a member of the Better Business Bureau.

SFI works hard to supply its customers and business partners everything they need.  Whether its a new product on the shelf, or advice for an affiliate of the business, SFI always aim to have that one on one communication that every successful business should have.

SFI has a community of workers who promote the SFI product range.  This community have the chance to contact each other via the SFI online forum where many affiliates join together to assist each other in the progression of their businesses.

With years of marketing knowledge and the individual efforts of each of its affiliates, SFI is known to be one of the largest marketing organisations in the world.

SFI has recruited over 8 million affiliates from more than 200 countries and is enjoying continued growth.  With the economic climate of the future leaning towards the idea of network marketing, SFI is set to explode in popularity.


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