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Operating a responsible internet business is very simple.  You are only replicating an already proven system.  Training is provided together with a host of electronic tools to enable you to be up and running almost immediately.

Professional business opportunities will set you up with:

  1. Multiple websites, usually personalized with your name and email address
  2. Banners and other internet marketing tools
  3. Training about how to make money on the internet
  4. Essential tools
  5. Member areas
  6. Internet commission tracking
  7. Advertisement tracking
  8. In some cases, an internet forum

Ignore any opportunities you come across that do not offer you the above.

Before you start your internet promotion

Familiarize yourself with every aspect of the business, no matter how long it takes.  You may have to answer questions from prospects and it is vital that you know the answer quick so that you prove yourself as a reliable vendor.

Devising your marketing stratagy

Internet business opportunities provide a basic marketing plan for the use of all participants, but to steal a march on the hundreds of others working the same proposition, you will do well to devise a plan.

Most internet business owners will make use of the following:

  • Search engines

  • E-mail marketing

  • Discussion forums

  • Classified ads

  • Free reports/newsletters/ezines

  • Banner ads

  • Signature ads

  • Promotional CD-ROM

The reason so many home-based internet business owners stay in affiliate reselling after they've launched their own business is because advertising these opportunities for free is the easiest way to attract prospects to the primary business interest.

Use the merchandise yourself so that you have first hand experience of the product you are selling.  You will find it much easier to sell when you have your own personal experience to draw on.