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We hope that this page will answer a lot of the immediate questions you have regarding the SFI business opportunity.  If you require any more answers, follow the link towards the bottom of the page to the SFI website, or email us with your questions.


1.  Who is SFI?
SFI stands for Strong Future International and is a division of Carson Services who are members of the Better Business Bureau (see link to the right for certificate).  Carson Services have been in operation since 1985 and SFI established since 1998.

2.  How do I make money with SFI?
SFI is an online affiliate program that has a range of products and services to offer the public.  As an SFI affiliate, it is your job to advertise and promote these products and the affiliate program itself.

3.  Do I need marketing knowledge?
You do not need any previous marketing experience or know how to start with SFI.  SFI includes all the training articles and resources required to succeed.  All you need is patience, determination and a willingness to learn.

4.  How much is it to get started?
It does not cost you anything to start with SFI which is one of the reasons that SFI is so successful.  It is an advantage to you to upgrade your commission status to MIQ but you are never obliged to do so.

5.  What is MIQ?
Multi Income Qualified is a status that many SFI affiliates upgrade to because it allows you to receive multiple commissions from your sales.  Residual and Leveraged income are included when you upgrade to MIQ which allows you to receive ongoing monthly commissions from sales you only make once.  The lucrative income of many internet millionaires.

6.  Is this a get-rich-quick scheme?
Absolutely not.  Reading the pages on this site and visiting the links within will show you that SFI is a well established company, offering the best compromise between an affiliate program and a MLM opportunity.

For more FAQs visit the SFI website here...