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STEP 1 - Sign Up

The simplest of all steps is to first sign up as an SFI affiliate.  Just hit the link on the homepage of this website and fill in the form.  Your contact details are disclosed to no other third party.


STEP 2 - Smart Start Training

Once you have signed up and confirmed your email address, you will have access to the SFI Resource Center.  With your SFI ID and password, browse to the Training page and complete the Smart Start program.  this is free and will give you a unique insight into how the business works.



Become Multi Income Qualified.  (Optional)

This is a commission status that many SFI affiliates upgrade to simply because it maximizes the commissions you earn on any sales you make.

Being MIQ also allows you to tap into residual and leveraged income streams.  These are the lucrative income streams of the internet millionaires.  With these income streams, you can earn override commissions on all of your sales team and recurring commissions on any standing order sales you make.


STEP 4 - Make it to PTL

Get to Powerline Team Leader status.

This is the initial target for all new SFI affiliates.  When you reach this stage, you will be sure to be making a profit, and you will begin to create your own powerline of affiliates.


STEP 5 - Create your own Powerline

Once at PTL level, you will become the leading figure of your own powerline.  Any affiliates you refer will look to you for guidance.  Whats your reward for this?  The override commissions on all sales that are made by your sales team.  This is the stage where you will be making a handsome income with SFI.

It is essential that you help your sales team, as their success is also your success.


STEP 6 - make it to GL

Get to Group Leader status

Getting to this level proves that you are a good Team Leader thats helps his/her workforce and you will be rewarded by opening up another income stream.

The extra commission for this level will see you through to that income you only ever dreamed of.