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First of all, make your business fun.
You will only be successful if you enjoy what you're doing.

Plan ahead.
It is advisable to create an action plan.  Firstly consider your long term goals, then gradually break the plan down into monthly and weekly tasks.  Complete each step one at a time and you will have a nice even progression.  Don't plan to make all your success in your first few months, this will only lead to disappointing results.  Instead look a year down the line and ask yourself where do I want to be then.

Stick with one program and learn the ropes.
Don't sign up for a multitude of opportunities and offers as they come.  You will end up spending your a lot of your time and money and will not see a moral boosting result in a long time.

Look to your upline for support.
Remember that whatever opportunity you sign-up for, someone has been there before you and will have a wealth of information to share, probably including experience of other upline members.  Learn from their mistakes, and duplicate their actions where possible. Most ventures of the internet today are simply programs that require time and patience to succeed.  All the information is usually supplied by your upline.

When you progress and introduce your own referrals, make sure you supply them with all the information they ask for.  Do not make the mistake of overloading them with information you learnt over the process of time, all in one week.  They need space and time to learn these things themselves.  A steady guidance is all that's necessary.

Be a friend.
You are not only an adviser, you are a friend.  A personal relationship with your team is essential for your future success.

Be patient and be logical.
Don't expect all your success to come within weeks or even months of starting a business.  No business will see you make profits instantly so don't expect to.  Spend as much time as you can learning, and you will make steady advances to a secure financial future.