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"Your role in SFI is that of an important one if you are dedicated to your own success."

Throughout your time at SFI, you will meet many people and many of these people will be members of your sales team.

It is essential that you are a good leader to these people as your success largely depends on theirs.  Whenever they need guidance, you must be there for them.  But this doesn't mean that you will bear all the grunt.  There will be many experienced members of your own upline who can answer any questions for you, as well as SFI's own discussion forum where hundreds of affiliates meet on a daily basis.

Your only job is to represent SFI as you would want your own business to be represented.  Be kind and reassuring to customers and you will set a wonderful example to any future members of your team.

Your continuation to learn is vital in this business, and as you progress, you will find this learning comes as second nature.

But one of the most important things is to have fun.  One of your most important roles for yourself is to know when to stop.  If you start feeling overwhelmed, take a break and start fresh the next day.

Teach your sales team to do the same and you will find your business becomes more productive.  And remember, if you work hard and teach your sales team to do what you do, your success is automatic.  Never hide anything from your team.